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Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody Total Environment

Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody Total Environment

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Project Highlights

Project Location Whitefield
Unit Variants 3, 4, Penthouse, Villas
Size Range 2430 - 9869 sq. ft
Starting Price 3.54Cr*
RERA ID PR/171014/000433

About Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody Total Environment

Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody project of Total Environment

Bangalore is beautiful lace full of luxury apartments. Thinking about buying your luxury Villa or apartment? Then project in Whitefield, BANGLORE can help you. Pursuit a Radical Rhapsody is what you all need to live your luxurious life in Bangalore. It's full of new ideas and designs check out the whole article for more information about the pursuit of radical rhapsody total environment.

Things about Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody project of Total Environment

The pursuit of a radical rhapsody is a newly designed villa & apartment which looks luxurious. The builder of this residential area is Total Environment. The whole property is present in Whitefield, Bangalore. A small lake is also present near the pursuit of a radical rhapsody whitefield. The resident' place is near schools, hotels, hospitals, and malls, which is necessary for every human.

The total environment homes have a luxury design with the best luxury features. The development comes with the great idea of having beautiful trees, and plants in the terrace garden. The whole environment around the total environment whitefield rhapsody is beautiful. The weather of Bangalore, the urban culture of people, and the more than 100 trees on the whole campus can attract anyone. The pursuit of a radical rhapsody price is also reasonable for living a luxurious dream.

Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody Arrangements:

Let's see about the Pursuit of a radical rhapsody whitefield arrangements:-

  • The whole land is covered in 34.5 Acres area with 1081 units in it. The residential area not only gives a rich or luxurious look but also gives them enough space to live life happily. It contains 8 blocks. G + 28 floors with 3, 4 bhk apartments and 4 bhk villas.
  • Natural materials are getting used to create the home, so they can also make people close to nature and can give some personal time in a stressful life. Woodwork, flooring, and all details are done by professionals of total Environment whitefield.

Different homes types of Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody:

Here we will see how much creation different homes cover and what is the pursuit of radical rhapsody floor plan:-

  • C20: The home covers 1653 sq. ft. carpet area with 274 sq. ft. outdoor space. The total home-built area is 2202 sq. ft. large glass panels are coupled in the room and it gives a beautiful view of the outside side. Most of the area is covered with wood.
  • L30: This home is designed to enjoy the benefits of the morning sun. It covers the total 3280 sq. ft built-up area with 2416 sq. ft carpet area. Outdoor huge bathtub makes the bathing experience better, and outdoor covers 507 sq. ft. Trees are also present with more than eight heights.
  • L45: This home has four bedrooms with a 4546 sq. ft area and 2959 sq. ft carpet area. The outdoor which is 1319 sq. ft gives feels like any beautiful garden. Living rooms are designed to avoid deep beams. It's like a villa where you can enjoy it inside and outside too.
  • V50: This home is a little different from a normal villa, and they cover 5129 sq. ft built-up area with 4064 sq. ft area. This space is smart and modern. Give a professional look from the outside too which covers the 257 sq. ft. It’s a safe home, which matches human needs. If you need pursuit of a radical rhapsody review about its home type, so you can check thetotal environment pursuit of a radical rhapsody brochure.


  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jogging Track
  • Party Area
  • Retail Spaces
  • Kids Area
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Outdoor Courts
  • Games Room


Type Price
L20 - 3Bedrooms 2,430 Sq.ft INR 3.54 Cr*
L22- 3 Bedrooms - 2,530 Sq.ft INR 3.59 Cr*
R22- 3 Bedrooms - 2804 sq. ft. 2804 sq. ft.
R25- 3 Bedrooms - 3434 sq. ft. INR 4.59 Cr*
D35v3 -3-bedroom duplex homes - 4596 sq. ft. INR 6.80 Cr*
C20 - 3-bedroom apartments -2753 sq. ft. INR 3.79 Cr*
L30 - 3-bedroom apartments -4100 sq. ft. INR 5.76 Cr*
L45 - 4-bedroom apartments - 5679 sq. ft. INR 8.51 Cr*
C20 Penthouse - 5-bedroom apartments - 5385 sq. ft. INR 8.09 Cr*
L30 Penthouse - 5-bedroom apartments - 8023 sq. ft. INR 11.77 Cr*
L45 Penthouse - 4-bedroom Custom crafted apartments - 9869 sq. ft. INR 14.19 Cr*
V40 Villas - 4-bedroom Villas - 4485sq.ft. INR 10.73 Cr*

About Builder

About Total Environment: Total Environment gets created in 1996. Total Environment is focused on giving space to people, who can enjoy each second of their life and can also work peacefully with being close to nature. We think out of the box, to make living better and more professional for people. We have a team of expert designers, and of people who believed in giving their best. About team members of Total Environment: Shipbanee Sagar: She is a dedicated founder of Total Environment. She always s uses innovative techniques which bring warmth to every place she designed herself. She is a person who believes in thinking out of the box. Kamal Sagar: When the total environment gets founded so it includes a kamal vision of innovative design, which is different from others without any compromise. He is another founder of the Total Environment team. Leadership principles of Total Environment: Leaders of Total Environment never settle for less, they always want beyond something normal. Successful people have desires to reach their destination by smashing all walls which come between the plans. The team Environment follows different leadership principles, which help them to achieve what they want.  High Standards: We always maintain our high standards. We always choose quality and detailing even on a single thing rather than choosing something normal.  Care Personally: We always start work with good intentions. We accept problems and believe in treating them fastly. We always encourage our team to trust themself, their skill does not matter if they are working on a project or not.  Always is owner: Team believes in ideas that are bold and unique than others and can give a life-changing experience. We believe in turning dreams into reality through our leader's mindset.  Reward individuality: Each person on our team is dedicated, and believes in thinking big than normal. The team believes in hard work, which gives professional results to the ideas, and the hard work of each person matters.  Good Judgment: Many times we worked with a tight budget and pressured team but still get succeeded. We always learn from our successes and failures and use them in any hard situation. Judgment is something that makes us better.

About Location

Whitefield Bangalore Location: Whitefield Bangalore is also popular in the technology industry. It's full of opportunities, and amenities that are useful in daily life. It's a beautiful city, which can give a luxurious experience to the person who lives in this area. It is a locality that is well-developed. The area includes different IT company's offices. The main road of Whitefield connects the locality to the whole city. There is a chance of metro connectivity in 2023 which connects Baiyappanahalli to Whitefield. It will cover 13 stations. Whitefield place in Bangalore covers lots of well-developed buildings in it. The pursuit of a radical rhapsody total environment is also present in Whitefield. The area will automatically boost your social life and will give you all the basic facilities, like hospitals, entertainment areas, educational places, malls, and much more. This area is mostly chosen by people who work in the IT Company in Bangalore. Now if we talked about near areas of Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody, this site is most near a residential area. Here is information about other important places distance from the residential area, like the pursuit of radical rhapsody:-  15.7 km to CBD  43.7 KM TO Airport  0.95 km to Hospital  0.45 km to School  1.5 km to Mall  1.5 km to the hotel